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High-quality outsourcing for your projects in the most remote corners of the Arctic.

Union Service Ltd.

Union Service is an outsourcing company combining brands which have been making the Russian North accessible for many years.

UniArctic – can provide unique services on project management and logistics in the Arctic area of Russia. The company representatives study the service market in detail in order to offer you the best solution for the most unusual tasks. The geographic conditions of the North often make it complicated to implement the planned works, but we are ready to solve any issues you might have. UniArctic cares about every client and provides quality services even in remote corners of the Arctic.

UniFilms - provides location management and implements feature and documentary movie production projects, from Murmansk to Magadan. We work in cities, villages, and even the most remote corners of the Arctic tundra.

UniTech – offers a full set of activities for providing passenger cars, buses, and special machinery – everything to ensure uninterrupted implementation of your project in the Far North environment.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money”

Union Service’s Strengths

The Optimal Path for Your Ideas

Your project will be smoothly provided with everything necessary, wherever you are. We work with any budget, selecting an optimal work program for you.

We Will Be Your Guide

Union Service combines a full cycle of services for your project through a single operator. This approach makes it possible to manage any project in a convenient way, thus saving your time and money.

Human Relations Above All

We know that business is money, but our priority is long-term partnership. Our cooperation is built on mutually beneficial and reliable relationships.


Our solutions are based on mobility and flexibility. This is due to the complex nature of the tasks performed in the Far North environment.

We Can Listen

You will be assigned a personal manager to oversee your project. He or she will take into account your wishes and offer the best ways to solve your problems.


The manager will be in touch with you around the clock. You can count on his/her consultation at any time.

Arctic under Control

For us, there are no borders in the Arctic area of Russia. We are experienced in managing projects in the most remote and hard-to-reach regions of the country.

Our Mission

Russian and foreign contractors experience difficulties in implementing projects in the Arctic area of Russia. Therefore, you need a company which has a long history of working in the harsh conditions of the North. Union Service is ready to lend its shoulder and join your team. Take over logistical tasks, process management and to answer the following questions:

  • How do I know which documents are required for the work to be performed correctly?
  • How to organize the staff’s transportation or movement from A to B?
  • Where and how to provide accommodation?
  • How to provide catering?
  • How to arrange an evacuation?
  • Where to get the required machinery and how to manage its operation?
  • What is the best way to make a movie?
  • How to provide for uninterrupted supplies, and much more...

We are fully committed to what we do and interested in the development of the Artic areas of our country. It means that our motivation is not just boosting profits. We are motivated by love for the North!

Our Vision

We are a company that makes the Arctic accessible! Helping you to solve various complex problems, we contribute to the social and economic development of the North!
Each employee in our team shares the Company’s fundamental values: flexibility, openness, and involvement, despite any extreme conditions.
We do not believe in clichés! Clichés are always one step behind real life. Be intrepid and make outside-the-box and bold decisions – this is the credo of true northerners, who we actually are!

Let’s open Arctic with us.
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