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UniArctic can provide unique services on project management and logistics in the territory of the Arctic area of Russia. The company representatives study the service market in detail in order to offer you the best solution for the most unusual tasks. The geographic conditions of the North often make it complicated to implement the planned works, but we are ready to solve any issues you might have. UniArctic cares about every client and provides high-quality services even in remote corners of the Arctic. Our team of professionals who execute your project within the clearly stipulated timescale. Our customers are large companies such as JDN, DEME, Bluewater, Renaissance Heavy Industries, Saren, RenDetal, and Velesstroy

Transport solutions

Comprehensive organization of your staff’s transportation from A to B. You will be provided with buses, minibuses, passenger cars, shift buses, airplanes, helicopters, and maritime transport.

Ship chandler

Provision and equipment supplies.

Crew and shift rotation

Your employees will be transported from workplace to their homes.

Meet&Greet Service

If necessary, we will meet your employees in an international arrival area and escort them to their workplace.

Documents and customs services

We will arrange all necessary documents approved by special services and authorities.


To complete the tasks and provide you with the necessary machinery, we negotiate and cooperate with an extensive list of counterparties.


Your facilities will be delivered to any part of the Russian Arctic or anywhere else.


Your employees will be accommodated in modular dormitories or stationary facilities anywhere in the Arctic.

An integrated solution for your tasks

Not just transport, but comprehensive arrangement of work! Not just accommodation, but its comprehensive management!

Dealing with reliable suppliers

Over the years of operations, we have formed a list of bona fide contractors working throughout the Russian Arctic.


In the shortest possible time, you will be offered the best cooperation terms.


Uni Arctic is your personal team for your project. Win-Win.

Cost reduction

We will choose the most advantageous option for your budget from our accumulated database of counterparties.

Our experience saves your time!

We know the Arctic and can prepare any project within a shorter time period.

Easy management

We will establish a single control center for you to easily manage your project.
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